Ed Barnes - Developer & Data Scientist

Git Repositories




Zedland Mobile Site - Student Accomodation Search Demo
WhatevertheSiteNameis.com - PHP SQL Search Demo
HowManySleepsUntilChristmas.com - JS Demo
RadioactiveSeaweed.com - A HTML5/JS Demo
BoingDemo.com - Amiga Boing Ball Demo in HTML5/JS
Intranet Page - PHP Demo
Emblem Books
Athens Travel Guide

Android Applications

Zuas.apk - Student Accomodation Search Demo App
Mastermind.apk - Puzzle Game
Komaeko.apk - This Website as an App

Google Play Store Page

Google Play Store


Linux Applications

Connect 4 - Pygame Demo
Mastermind - Puzzle Game

Windows Applications

Connect 4 - Pygame Demo
Minesweeper - C++ GUI Demo Game - Made Using wxWidgets
CommandLineFPS - C++ FPS demo with WASD strafing and arrow keys for turning
Mastermind - Puzzle Game
Tron.exe - C# Console Game
Signature.exe - C Console Application
HelloWorld.exe - C# Windows Application

MacOS Applications

Connect 4 - Pygame Demo